Nobody reads this anyway. :P

. . .

2007-11-24 23:59:42 by Ethanthecrazy

Making a new song, but I just don't have time anymore . . .


2007-11-24 23:59:05 by Ethanthecrazy

I finsished my first song. Hope it does well?


2007-11-22 13:08:13 by Ethanthecrazy

Flash dosent seem to work for me, looks like im gonna have to practice at it.

On the other hand i am going to start writing music, fun . . .

Just an update

2007-07-24 13:44:12 by Ethanthecrazy

I finally got into the flash thing.
Ive been with newgrounds for aboyt a month and i finally got a profile.
I got a couple projects im working on and a really cool concept for an rpg.
I would like to create some music, but i cant find the right program, can somebody help me out?
Thats all . . .